Six measures to improve aquaculture efficiency

Due to the rising feed prices, the cost of breeding increased, the profitability of fish farming households was low, and even a number of fish farmers suffered losses. This severely undermined the enthusiasm of fish farming households and summarized the following six measures in order to increase the efficiency of aquaculture. :
1. Reduce the number of feed fish, expand the scale of herbivorous fish farming, and reduce the amount of feed concentrate.
2, to reduce the loss of feed in the water, scientific and reasonable feeding, adhere to regular, quantitative, positioning feeding.
3. Strengthen the prevention and treatment of fish diseases and reduce undue losses. In the summer and fall seasons with high fish diseases, adhere to the principle of “prevention first, prevention and control combined”, regular drug prevention, and reduce the dosage.
4, the implementation of catching small stay aquaculture technology to reach the morning market of commercial fish specifications.
5. Make full use of ponds, pond slopes, and low-yielding fields to cultivate fish and reduce farming costs.
6. Adhere to fish as far as possible self-breeding to meet the needs of aquaculture production.

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