Key Techniques for Producing Cucumber in Summer

The high temperature and rainy weather in summer seriously affect the yield and quality of cucumbers in open fields. Field management should be strengthened and measures should be taken to ensure high yields. The key points of field management technology are summarized as follows:

One, Dingmiao fill seedlings

Seedlings grow seedlings from the beginning of true leaves, and check seedlings and fill seedlings after emergence. Because heavy rain and pests and diseases occur in summer, Dingmiao should be postponed to 3 to 4 leaves.

Second, weeding weeding

After emergence, cultivators should be promptly cultivated to loosen the soil to promote seedling rooting and prevent leggy. Before cultivating melons, cultivators must be cultivated 3 to 4 times to achieve the purpose of loose soil, ventilation, and weeding.

Three, top-dressing watering

Seedling growth period according to seedlings, partial application of a small amount of fertilizer to weak seedlings, promote weak seedling growth, so that the seedlings are neat. After the melons are harvested, the fertilizer is generally applied every 10 to 15 days, and NPK fertilizer is applied to 10 to 15 kg per mu. The melons are generally not watered in the initial stage. A special drought may water a small quantity, and the soil may be irrigated after watering. The first melon begins to replenish after sitting, and the water and fertilizer of the melon period should be sufficient. After the cold weather in late August, the application of diluted manure water can be followed by spraying 0.2% potassium dihydrogen phosphate plus appropriate amount of urea aqueous solution and 0.1% boric acid solution to prevent mellow melon, promote early maturing, and improve quality.

Fourth, insert racks, branches and tied vines

After pouring the larvae, they can be inserted into the frame and combined with the vines for pruning. Generally, no vines are left on the base. The upper and middle branches can be left as they are, depending on the variety characteristics and planting density.

Fifth, pay attention to row

In particular, the land with high groundwater level should be drained after sowing, and once heavy rain can be discharged in time.

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