These rex rabbits failed

After shearing the skin to slaughter and peeling into a tube, it was not opened along the midline of the abdomen, and the skin was justified.
The urine-stained rabbits were contaminated by urine in the buttocks and rabbit reticular rust stained the rabbit cage mesh. The urine stains and the skin of the back of the chicken skin were bitten off by rabbits, such as chicken gizzards, forming uneven skin surface.
The honeycomb skin is formed into a honeycomb by the hair surface, one piece is high and one is lower, and is more damaged than the chicken skin.
Turtle cover fur is flat in the middle and has low hair like ditch around it, shaped like a turtle cover.
There are many needle hairs on the skin of the needle fur, forming two layers of hairs and hairs.
Density is uneven on the season's skin. Some are thin and some are thin.
The infiltrated skin coat is exposed to the sun, the skin fat melts, and the oil penetrates the skin and coat.
Stretching the skin artificially pulls the skin to increase the area, so that the skin is pulled thin and the density of the hair becomes thinner.

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