How to identify crop seeds

1. Although the shape of grain seed seeds generally has different types such as horse tooth shape, garden shape, ellipse shape, flat shape, long shape, and rectangular shape, no matter what type it belongs to, it must be uniform, neat, and angular. The uneven surface of the particles is equal, and there are no diseased grains, abnormal grains and broken grains.
2. Look at grain-colored crop seeds are yellow, light yellow, dark yellow, red, red, yellow, green, black, white, and so on. Among them, there are white and red axes of corn. However, regardless of the species, grain color belonging to one species must be the same and cannot be different.
3, look shiny fresh seeds generally bright and bright shiny and consistent. Must not have mildew, dirt and rotten grains; generally dull seeds, not the old species, Chen species, that is, the seeds that have passed water or rain.
4, see the structure of general crop seeds, all by the embryo, endosperm, seed coat composed of three parts. Identification can be used to bite the teeth open, or cut with a knife, and then see if its internal structure, hardness, softness, looseness and color are the same.
5, See the seed coat skin color, thickness must be the same, such as identification of wheat, corn, beans and other crop seeds, soaked in water for 24 hours in advance (winter and summer), and then hand to open the seed, you can observe Whether it is the same kind of thin seed coat.
6, to see the embryo embryo fullness, embryo volume, embryo surface roughness, wrinkles must be the same, the embryo position must be phase.

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