Land yuan benefits good breeding attention

In recent years, Tu Yuan has been widely used as a tonic, and now many hotels and restaurants have enjoyed the “insect feast” and Tuyuan has also become a delicacy. Surveys show that at present, the output of the land yuan is less than 20% of the amount used, and the contradiction between supply and demand is outstanding, and the development prospect is very broad.

According to calculations, generally 3 kg of wheat bran is 1 kg of fresh soil yuan, and 3 kg of fresh soil is sun-dried with 1 kg of dry soil yuan. Now, the price of dry earth yuan is about 50 yuan per kilogram, and the price of 9 kilograms of wheat bran is 15 yuan. Together with introduction fees and labor costs, the cost per kilogram of dry earth yuan is 20 yuan, that is, 1 kg of dry earth for breeding. The profit is more than 30 yuan, breeding 1 kg of eggs can produce 50 kg of dry earth elements, that is, the introduction of 1 kg can be net profit of 1500 yuan, a considerable profit. Since this is the case, what should be paid attention to when breeding earth yuan?

First of all, the feed should be mixed wet and mix well. The earthen yuan grows in the dark and damp soil, eats at night and feeds, and it is strong in hunger. Wheat bran, rice bran, vegetable leaves, fruit skin, plant leaves, and grain and oil waste are all good foods, mainly wheat bran. , The above feed can be fed either synthetically or separately. The feed needs to be mixed with water and wet and mix well. Feed it once a night, and the amount of feed should be the next day. It is advisable to feed it on the next day. The daily amount of food per kilogram of soil yuan is 3 to 5 kilograms.

Second, the temperature and humidity should be controlled properly. The normal growth of soil yuan temperature is between 15 °C ~ 35 °C, 15 °C to 8 °C below the hibernation temperature. The soil of Tuyuan is suitable for soils without chemical fertilizers and pesticides, and loose and fertile soil. The soil moisture is generally 20% to 25%. The soil element has wide adaptability, strong disease resistance, and is not easy to get sick. However, when the pool soil is too dry, it may cause difficulty in molting. Therefore, the sprayer is used to spray water. Over-wetting will also affect the normal growth of the earth element and cause big belly disease.

Again, strengthen predator control. Rats and chickens are natural enemies of the earth element. They should close the doors and windows and pour cement into the ground to prevent such natural enemies from invading. Ants also have great harm to the earth element. They can be drawn out with cooked bones or oil sticks and destroyed.

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