The key to raising young ducks is to achieve "five things"

To grasp the quality of chicks

Before the introduction of ducklings, it is necessary to understand the breeding history of breeding ducks in breeding duck farms, select varieties with strong resistance and adaptability, and purchase qualified ducklings that are healthy, disease-free and well-proportioned. The purchase of breeding eggs and ducklings from outside the country must be purchased from a reliable pest free area or a quarantine breeding duck farm or hatchery that meets the requirements of veterinary hygiene. The ducklings in the same duck canopy must be purchased in the same batch as the same age in order to prevent Different growth stages and different sources of young ducklings are kept in the same field (shed), resulting in inconvenient management and easy cross-infection. Long-distance transportation should pay attention to winter cold and warm, summer heatstroke sun protection, pay attention to ventilation, prevent extrusion or suffocation.

To control the living environment of ducklings

Create a good environment for the life of ducklings, including the appropriate temperature, suitable humidity, reasonable lighting, good ventilation and ventilation, dry and comfortable litter, etc. This is the basis for improving the survival rate of brooding. And according to different brooding seasons to adjust the temperature and humidity, winter and spring seasons focus on brooding temperature, do warming and warming work; summer attention to ventilation, reduce stocking density, prevent heat stroke. Ducklings should be diligently “see” before 28 days of age: First, look at the temperature, such as temperature, ducklings lively, not crowded and crowded, do not scream, do not stay dormant; such as crowded crowded, drowsy The temperature of the brooding room is too low; if the temperature is too high, the ducklings spread around, drink plenty of water, open their wings, and breathe open mouths. Pay attention to maintaining proper temperature, good ventilation and ventilation, and timely dispersion and evacuation. Second, the amount of food intake is normal, and the amount of materials used increases with age, and the daily weight gain is fast and even. If the amount of food does not increase or even decrease, the cause must be investigated and resolved in a timely manner. And pay attention to the reasonable mix of feed, complete nutrition, good palatability, fresh and no mildew, not easily changed. Third, watching the playing temperature is appropriate. The ducklings are splashed with water and lively. With the increasing of the age, the playing time is prolonged. If you have a disease or water temperature and the temperature is too low, you do not want to go into the water. Attention should be paid to adjusting the number and time of droppings of ducklings based on changes in the age and temperature of the ducklings. Four to see the feces healthy ducklings, feces forming and accumulation, generally brown and white uric acid adhere. If the stool is thin and the color is not normal, the cause should be analyzed in a timely manner and corresponding measures should be taken. Attention should be paid to improving hygiene and drug prevention.

To seize the best time for drug prevention and vaccine immunization

According to the types and degree of disease of ducklings of different seasons and different ages, they can be promptly used for drug prevention and vaccination according to immunization procedures. Vaccination should be carried out in strict accordance with the operating procedures. Commonly used drugs include: feeding with 0.04% chloramphenicol powder mix or feeding with 0.4% oxytetracycline alkaline powder to feed ducks, once a week, can prevent bacteria such as Bacillus avium and Pasteurella multocida. Sexual diseases can also be controlled with ciprofloxacin and new veterinary drugs to prevent common bacterial diseases in ducklings. Commonly used vaccines include attenuated viral hepatitis vaccine for ducklings. They should be injected at the age of one day and should be injected with duckling viral hepatitis high-immune serum or high-immunity egg yolk. Early spring duckling prone to this disease, it should focus on prevention. In duck-eick areas or duck farms, in addition to duck duck vaccine must be injected ducks, ducklings 20 to 25 days of age should also be the first injection of duck plague vaccine immunity, to 100 days of age, injection duck quail vaccine and poultry The second immunization with the bacillus vaccine.

To keep science

Strengthening scientific feeding and management is an important part of cultivating high-quality, health-preserved ducks, and the following “eight aspects” should be specifically implemented.

It is necessary to provide sufficient nutrition for ducklings and ensure that the diets have various nutrients required for the normal development of ducklings. Self-made feeds must be formulated according to nutritional standards.

To achieve fresh feed, no mildew, no pollution, to ensure the daily amount of food needed to achieve timing, set meal, quantitative, qualitative.

To prevent stress, keep the environment around the duck house quiet, comfortable and moderate in density, and do not interfere with ducks.

We must prevent rodent and animal pests and prevent drug poisoning.

It is necessary to keep older ducklings of sufficient age in order to build a strong body that will lay the foundation for future high-yield and stable production.

To achieve "six nets" that is, duck net, feed net, drinking water, net food, tools, net, litter net, for ducklings feeding and management to create a good external environment.

To ensure that the ducks are well-distributed, we must eliminate diseased, disabled, and secondary ducks in time and feed ducks with poor growth and development.

It is necessary to protect the cleanliness and hygiene of the activities of the ducks and ponds, and change the water in time to prevent pesticides, industrial waste water and pathogens from polluting the water.

To do a good job of health

It is necessary to take cleansing, sanitation, disinfection, and isolation measures as important work for the control of epidemic diseases, eliminate the misunderstandings of “re-treatment, light epidemic prevention” or “emphasizing epidemic prevention and light disinfection,” and earnestly implement cleanliness, sanitation, isolation, and disinfection as the The main comprehensive health measures. Specifically:

Every time before entering the ducklings, the internal and external environment of the duck house should be thoroughly cleaned and all pathogenic carriers should be removed.

Strictly sterilize and thoroughly disinfect the clean internal and external environment and utensils before entering the ducklings, and regularly sterilize ducks after entering ducks. The selection of disinfectant should be inexpensive and easy to purchase, easy to dissolve in water, safe and harmless to ducks, no offensive odor, no residue, broad spectrum and relatively stable in the air, such disinfectants include agricultural blessings, agricultural music, and poisons Kill and so on.

Dispose of manure and sewage in a timely and effective manner to ensure the safe disposal of diseased duck isolation and dead ducks.

It is strictly forbidden that other personnel, vehicles, utensils, animals, etc., have not been sterilized into the production area. Workers entering the production area are also required to change clothes, change shoes, and disinfect.

Establish and improve the "all-in, all-out" feeding and management system.

This "five musts" is done, and the high yield and high efficiency of the duck will be guaranteed.

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