Field school collaborates on high-yielding dairy cows

Recently, several experts and professors from Heilongjiang Bayi Agricultural University’s College of Animal Science and Technology made a special trip to Erlongshan Farm. Through the inspection of “1000 cows” and “Beilong Dairy Cattle Breeding Base”, it was established that the field school cooperated in scientific research cooperation. The project will implement the integration of technical resources and jointly tackle the high-yield comprehensive technology of dairy cows.
The Longtou Dairy Farm of Erlongshan Farm is one of the early modern dairy districts set up by the Bei'an Sub-bureau. It has mature feeding experience and advanced management concepts, as well as a relatively complete anti-epidemic and quarantine system. It is understood that through the integration of the technical resources of “Yiyi Agricultural University”, Erlongshan Farm will implement comprehensive technical experiments in the aspects of dairy cows management, disease prevention, pasture improvement, pasture planting, personnel training, etc., in an effort to increase the yield of dairy cows by 0.5 tons. The total output of fresh milk in the audience increased by 2,000 tons.

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