Ampoule sealing machine use


When the ampoule sealing machine is sealed, the flame is even, the drawing is smooth, the sealing speed is fast, the noise is small, and the output is 20pcs/min. It is an ideal equipment for major hospitals, scientific research laboratories and pharmaceutical factories to make small quantities of Ampoule.
Technical Parameters:
â—†Applicable bottle : 1-20 ml (ampoules)
â—† Power : 220v/7w
◆Gas pressure : ≥ 0.04kpa
◆Air pressure : ≥ 0.4kpa
â—†Production: 600-800 / hour
◆Dimensions: 300×180×350mm
â—† Weight : 3.2kg
Instructions :
1. Connect the gas pipeline. (The back of the device is mixed with the three-way right lower policy type regulating valve interface)
2. Plug in the power cord (the upper right corner of the device is behind the jack).
3. Turn on the power switch (the upper right corner of the front of the device).
4. Slowly open the gas needle valve until the lamp head is lit.
5. Slowly open the gas-assisted needle valve (lower left corner of the device) until the two lamps have a slender blue flame to work (the more the flame is, the better).
6. Place the ampoule on the tray. Do not put it in the flame immediately. First, see if the flame is at the center of the tray and whether it is at the required seal height. Just loose a knob on the bracket and you can arbitrarily Choose and then tighten)
7. Place the ampoule filled with the liquid in the center of the tray and flame. Rotate the bottle evenly with your left hand, and when it is burnt to red, the right hand can be pulled off with a pair of tweezers.
8. After the work is finished, the gas-assisted valve must be turned off before the gas valve is closed.

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