Learn five nutritious recipes for raw vegetables

With the increasing environmental pollution, modern people are paying more and more attention to their own health. Experts pointed out that only the timely removal of harmful substances and excess nutrients in the body to keep the five internal organs and the body clean, in order to maintain physical fitness. Fruits and vegetables are rich in cellulose, which is the body's scavenger, which helps remove toxins from the body and reduce the time the toxins remain in the body.

Vitamin experts believe that raw vegetables can be eaten raw, because raw vegetables can provide a lot of cellulose, help detoxification, and some vitamins, such as vitamin C will be lost with the cooking of vegetables, in addition should also be noted Daily food mixes are as rich as possible.

However, how to eat raw fruits and vegetables safely has also become a topic of concern to everyone. Vegetables and fruits need to be fertilized, watered, and sprayed during the growth process. They are often contaminated by parasite eggs, bacteria, and pesticides. In particular, vegetables that were fertilized with untreated human and animal manure were seriously contaminated by intestinal pathogenic bacteria and parasite eggs, the detection rate of E. coli was 67% to 95%, and the detection rate of parasite eggs was 89%. The fruits and vegetables originally known as "natural vitamin warehouses" have become a source of health hazards. Therefore, experts also recommend the use of raw fruits, vegetables, and fruits to produce more than 200mg of active oxygen per day. This is safer.

Eat vegetables

Experts also introduced the five sentences for eating vegetables:

(1) Eat more green leaves and less roots, because the sun shines on the vegetables, which is good for the body.

(2) eat more "raw" eat "cooking." Raw vegetables can retain nutrients and have high health care value.

(3) Eat more pure and less salt and vegetables that cannot be eaten raw. Do not overdo it when cooking.

(4) Eat more “raw food” and less “juicing”. Juicer damages the nutrients of fruits and vegetables.

(5) eat more "miscellaneous" eat less "single", eat vegetables can not be too single, the best day to eat more than five kinds of vegetables.

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