Key Techniques for Growing Seedlings in Winter Watermelon

Improve the heat preservation and heating measures for nursery sheds. Replace polyethylene film with poly vinyl cyanide non-drop film. The heat preservation and performance are greatly improved. The temperature of the shed can be increased by 1°C~2°C. Temporary heating such as fire wall or heating furnace should be provided in the shed. equipment. Artificial warming is performed when necessary.

Watermelon and rootstock seeds were treated at low temperature to enhance the cold resistance of the seedlings. Seeds to be germinated after soaking were placed in a frozen environment at about 0°C for 24 hours, and then germinated under appropriate temperature conditions. When the seeds were whitened, they were used daily. -12°C for 12-18 hours. Transfer to 18°C ​​for 12 to 6 hours for a total of 3 to 5 days, then germinate under appropriate temperature conditions.

Strengthen management after grafting The wound healing phase is within 1 week after grafting. Shed temperature should be maintained at 20°C~30°C. When the temperature is lower than 18°C ​​during the night, the temperature should be artificially increased. Grafting seedbeds should be tightly sealed for 3 to 6 days. The relative temperature in the bed should be maintained. The first 3 days should be completely shaded, and only diffuse light can be transmitted through the first 4 days. See the light, gradually ventilated after 6 days, remove the shade and increase the ventilation after the 7th day. The grafted seedlings were adapted to the normal seedbed environment.

Strengthening the Management of Severe Weather During the period of severe weather such as continuous yin, rain and snow, and severe cold, it is an important part of the success of breeding. Pay attention to listening to the weather forecast and take thermal insulation measures before the cold current. In rain and snow, two layers of film must be placed on the grasshopper. When it is cloudy, increase the lighting as much as possible without causing freezing damage. If the bed temperature drops after exposing, you should uncover the straw and cover it before 3 pm. If the bed temperature drops slightly, follow the cover. Do not expose squats for a few days. When there is rain and snow, pause in the rain and snow to expose the gaps. With prolonged lack of light, fluorescent lights can be used to artificially fill light. After a long period of haze and sunshine, the exposing process must be carried out slowly. Otherwise, it is easy to cause flash or even down seedlings. If the seedlings are found to be wilting, they should be covered with shading immediately. Repeat this several times until it is not wilting. Then all the grasshoppers were uncovered and then entered into normal management.

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