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The name of the Basilicus Basella rubra L. Alias ​​Fujita, cockroaches, slippery fruit, leeks, indulgence, soft ginger and so on. Anthracnaceae is an annual winding herb. Use whole plant medicine. With heat detoxification, the effect of bone pain. Distributed throughout the country.

Symptoms damage the leaves. Leaf spot near-round, ranging from 2-6mm in diameter, the edge of purple-brown, clear boundaries, the middle of the yellow-white to yellow-brown spots, slightly sinking, thin, and some easily into a perforation. In severe cases, the lesions are dense and untenable.

Pathogen Ramularia sp. A spore-forming bacterium belonging to the genus Deuteromycorrhizal fungi. Mycelial branches, colorless, septate; conidiophores colorless, often clustered out of falling sunflower pores, relatively simple; individual with branches; conidia oval or cylindrical, colorless, single Cell or twin, thin wall. Parasitic on the leaves of plants such as lard.

Transmission routes and onset conditions The disease occurs throughout the year in the southern vegetable area. The diseased part produces spores that spread through wind and rain or splashes of water droplets. There is no overwintering problem; in the north, mycelia and worms spores overwinter over the surface of the soil. The first infestation occurred with conidia in the following year, and the spores generated in the diseased part were re-infected by airflow and rain spattering. Humidity is the decisive factor in the development of the disease. Rainfall occurs frequently in the year of heavy rainfall or in off-season cultivation.

Control methods (1) Apply compost or fermented organic fertilizer made from Japanese enzyme bacteria. (2) Properly dense planting to avoid over-watering, regular spray production increase bacteria, 30-50ml per 667m2 or 7500-fold solution of plant oil, prompting the plant to grow quickly. (3) Spray 75% chlorothalonil wettable powder 1000 times liquid plus 70% thiophanate-methyl wettable powder 1000 times liquid or 40% polysulfide suspension 600 times liquid, 50% fast-inking wettable powder 2000 times Liquid, every 7-10 days, continuous control 2-3 times. In addition can also be used 27% high-fat film emulsion 80-100 times solution or Wuyimycin (Bo-10) and 2% agricultural anti-120 water agent 200 times. The drug was stopped 7 days before harvest.

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