Medicinal plant white rust

The scientific name Amaranthus mangostanus L. An annual herb. Used with all herbs, it has the effect of detoxification. Distributed throughout the country.

Symptoms of white rust mainly damage the leaves. The leaves begin to appear irregular faded plaques, and the leaves grow round to irregularly shaped white spore-like spores, with a diameter of 1-10 mm. When they are severe, the freckles are patchy or communicative. The leaves are uneven and eventually yellow and unbearable.

The pathogen Albugo bliti (Bivona-Bernardi) Kuntze called white rust, which belongs to the flagellin subphylum fungi. The small stains of spores of pathogenic bacteria are embedded in the epidermis of the host and gradually rise up with the mature sporangia and finally rupture to the epidermis. A large number of white powdery sporangia are scattered; the cysts are arranged in a grid, short rods, size 25-5612 -l7 (μm), colorless; sporangia spherical to oblate spheroid, colorless, thick-walled, size 14-248-19 (μm), strung on rod-shaped cysts. The oospores are nearly spherical, 45-58 μm in diameter and dark brown in color. The surface is reticular and forms in the host tissue.

Transmission Pathogeny and Incidence Conditions In cold regions, germs use oospores to survive overwhelming soil in the remains of diseased bodies, and sporangia germinate in the following year to produce sporangia or directly cause germ tube infection. In warm areas, germs are infested with sporangia and propagated by airflow or rain splashes to complete the annual cycle of disease. Sporulation germination temperature suitable for l0 °C, need sufficient water and humidity conditions. Rainy weather and partial nitrogen fertilizers are more serious.

Control methods (1) Select seeds from disease-free plants and sow seeds with seed weight 0.2%-0.3% of 25% radmilir WP or 64% WP M8 wettable powder. (2) Strengthen the management of fertilizers and waters, properly plant close-packed plants, clean the drains and reduce moisture, and avoid partial application of nitrogen fertilizers. (3) In the initial stage of the disease, spray 58% ledomemi Mn Zn wettable powder 500 times or 50% methicone wettable powder 600-700 times, 64% antivirus M8 wettable powder 500 times, 60% A Cream aluminum copper wettable powder 500-600 times liquid, control 1 or 2 times. The drug was stopped 3 days before harvest.

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