Picking out pesticides during the spring plowing season to carefully identify the "three certificates"

When it comes to spring plowing and ploughing, the Yibin City Consumer Protection Committee of Sichuan Province reminds farmers in general that when purchasing pesticides, please carefully identify the “three certificates” for pesticides. Do not buy the "counterfeit pesticides", mistaken the farm, lost the harvest.

The so-called "three certificates" of pesticides is the proof that pesticide products must pass quality inspections and be accompanied by relevant information such as product quality inspection before shipment. The "three certificates" of pesticides are indispensable. Correctly identifying the "three certificates" of pesticides will help prevent counterfeit pesticides and safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of farmers' friends. Here, the Consumer Council reminded farmers: When purchasing pesticides, please carefully identify the "three certificates" for pesticides.

The Yibin City Consumer Protection Rights Committee of Sichuan Province reminded farmers' friends that when purchasing pesticides, please carefully identify the “three certificates” for pesticides.

The first is the pesticide registration certificate. The temporary registration certificate starts with LS or WL, and the official (variety) registration certificate number starts with PD, PDN or WP, WPN, and the repacking registration number is required for repackaging the pesticide.

The second is the production license number. Pay attention to the format of pesticide production license number and pesticide production approval document number.

The third is the quality standard certificate. China's pesticide quality standards are divided into three categories: national standards, industry standards, and corporate standards. Their certification numbers begin with GB or Q.

Those pesticides that do not begin with the above-mentioned LS, PD, Q, etc., are often written by themselves and are not protected by law. Their quality is doubtful.

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