Herding winter to five guarantee

Keep warm

The cold resistance of the sheep is relatively strong, but the winter sheephouse temperature can not be lower than 0 °C, the lamb can not be lower than 8 °C, the delivery room should be maintained at 10 ~ 18 °C. Before winter, repair the sheep house as soon as possible and make necessary repairs to the roof and walls to prevent leakage of snow. The sheep pens located in the wild should be provided with a windbreak on the outside of the North Wall with corn stalks; closed sheepfolds should be hung on the doorways and windows; simple sheep sheds can be extended forward and plastic sheds erected. The top is covered with straw curtains. When it's too cold, it's necessary to make a stove in the enclosure to warm it up.


The winter grazing allows the flock to eat suitable pasture, but also breathe fresh air, is conducive to enhance physical fitness, is conducive to exercise cold resistance, disease resistance, is the main measures to protect the group. For grazing, we must choose a sunny slope with sunny sun and good water source. It is only during the winter season that the sheep can be turned to feed.


Supply high-quality green hay and crop stalks from sheep, supplement soybean, corn, melon, and wheat bran in a timely manner to ensure that each sheep can eat 200 to 250 grams of fine material per day, leaving small rams and small animals for planting. Ewes should be supplemented with 500-600 grams of concentrate every day. Daily supply of 2 to 3 times drinking water, preferably drinking salt water, water temperature reached 18 °C. In the deep winter season, even if the weather is cold, it is best to let the sheep go out for exercise at noon on sunny days in order to enhance physical fitness and improve cold resistance.


Male and female rams should be kept separately to prevent rams from chasing and crawling across the pregnant ewes; pregnant ewes should have separate sheds, and the sheds should be as wide as possible. The number of sheds should be appropriate to ensure the area of ​​each gravid sheep. It is 2 to 2.5 square meters to prevent pregnant sheep from being accidentally squeezed; it is necessary to provide pregnant sheep with concentrated feed and warm salt water, avoid drinking ice water, eating frost grass, and ensuring that the feeding is reasonable; prevent the internal appearance of the sheep Battles, collisions, and other acts; grazing roads not too far away, do not take the steep slopes and dangerous roads, to avoid artificially chased, to prevent pregnant sheep because of scaring, stumbling, slipping and lead to abortion.

health care

In winter, sheep are susceptible to diseases such as foot-and-mouth disease, streptococcal disease, goat pox, dysentery, cold, and colibacillosis, and the flock must be immunized earlier. And to prevent deworming before winter. Usually, you should clean the house regularly to keep the house clean and dry, remove the manure in time, carry out harmless treatment through accumulation and fermentation, and the residue should be screened and treated so that it cannot be used again. Pay attention to regularly brush sheep group table to promote blood circulation and promote body health.

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