Use tractors properly in winter

In winter, the temperature is low and the working conditions of the tractor deteriorate. If it cannot be used properly, not only the tractor will be damaged, its service life will be reduced, but also the accident will be easily caused. Therefore, the following matters should be taken into account when using the tractor in winter:

1) Use 8# or 11# diesel engine oil with low viscosity.

Under low temperature conditions, if the viscosity of the lubricant used is large, the lubrication conditions will be deteriorated at the initial stage of start-up, the frictional resistance will increase, the start-up will be difficult, and even burnt tiles will be killed. Therefore, in the winter, the engine oil with less viscosity should be used.

2) Use a diesel with a low freezing point and good fluidity.

3) When changing to oil used in winter, the oil path (including the oil pan, transmission and rear axle) must be cleaned first; in order to use diesel oil for winter use, parts such as fuel tank and diesel filter must be cleaned.

4) Before entering the winter, the cooling system must be clearly defined.

5) Start the engine correctly.

6) After the engine is started, wait until the water temperature rises above 40 degrees Celsius before starting the tractor.

7) The winter road surface often contains ice and snow, and the tractor is easy to slip. It should pay special attention to safety.

8) The tractor should be parked overnight. It is best to put it in a storage shed. Do not park in the open air. If there is no parking in the garage, cover the engine.

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