Choose "steamed" to lose "raw" bone meal

Some farmers are able to buy bone meal from the market and prepare their own mixed feeds in order to reduce the cost of raising them. This is okay. However, when choosing bone meal, we should pay attention to "steaming" and lose "birth" (ie, choose steamed bun powder and lose bone meal). The characteristics of the two kinds of bone meal are described as follows: Steamed Boiled Steamed Bone Powder is made by using fresh animal bones after high-pressure cooking and removing fats and other substances. It contains 38% calcium, 20% phosphorus, only contains a small amount of protein and fat, is a good calcium, phosphorus supplement feed. When it is squeezed with a finger, it feels soft and delicate. It is the best bone powder for feeding animals and poultry.

The raw meal of bone meal is a bone meal that has been crushed from the bones of animals that have been cooked without high pressure treatment. It contains more fat, hard texture, non-digestible, and easy to corrupt. When pinching with a finger, it feels fat and hard particles, and the feeding effect is extremely poor. It is better not to buy such bone meal to feed livestock and poultry.


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