The effect of thinning in apple orchard is good

The thinning is the preferred modification technique of Qiao Hua's dense planting apple orchard. At present, the spacing of common plants in apple orchards is 2m 3m, 2.5m 3.5m, 2m 4m, 2.5m 4m, and 3m 4m. Through the annual thinning of intercropping or septum excavation, the per-mu density of Qiaohua orchards will be reduced to 33 to 45, and the dwarfed orchards will be reduced to 50 to 70, which will reduce the planting density by half.

An apple orchard with an area of ​​less than 3m and 4m should be thinned first, but permanent and temporary plants should be set aside. Temporary strains are best cultivated into high spindles to make way for permanent plants.

Although the thinning has reduced the number of apple trees in the whole park, the number of large branches in the entire park has not decreased and will not result in a significant reduction in the following year. More importantly, thinning has fundamentally solved the problem of closed apple orchards.

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