The Causes and Preventions and Cure of Malocclusion of Spring Potato Film

1, not cut into pieces. Some individual households do not cut and germinate, but only when they sow, because of inconsistent sprouting and long time in the field, there are many chances of infestation with soil-borne fungi and ground pests, resulting in inconsistent emergence. The prevention method is cutting and germination.

2, potato size varies. In particular, digging buds and apical dominance, due to inconsistent germination, seedling potential, and nutritional status, have resulted in uneven emergence. The prevention method is to cut the potatoes to about 25 grams, and separate sowing of large potatoes and germination.

3, underground pests harm. Insufficient prevention or control of underground pests causes underground pests to bite potato shoots or eat potato meat to infect soil bacteria, resulting in uneven emergence. The prevention method is to use 2 kg of carbofuran granules per mu or 50% of phoxim 200 g of water to add 2 kg of water and 25 kg of mixed soil to spread the sowing soil into the sowing ditch at the time of sowing.

4, seed potatoes sick. Such as black neck disease, ring rot, late blight, etc., so that seedlings can not emerge and rotten in the soil or grow sick, weak seedlings. The prevention method is to introduce the disease-free zone, leave the disease-free field to keep the seed, and stop the diseased seed potato from entering the field. Before the cutting, the seeds will be sunned for 2 days. The cutters will be sterilized strictly after cutting, and the pesticides will be soaked after cutting. In the process of seed purchase, slicing, germination and sowing, diseased, rotted, malformed and seedlings with early or no sprouts and weak sprouts were excluded.

5, soaking phytotoxicity. When soaked with gibberellin and fungicides, excessive concentrations and prolonged periods of time are liable to produce phytotoxicity, affecting neat emergence. The prevention method is to strictly limit the concentration and time of the soaking of pesticides, and it is not possible to arbitrarily increase the concentration and prolong the time. If the pesticide is soaked, the cuts should be slightly larger. The bud dormancy should stay in the middle of the cuts as much as possible. Times.

6, fertilizer damage. Fertilizer and seed blocks are too close, especially when the manure and fertilizer are insufficient, so they are more prone to phytotoxicity. The prevention method is to apply the core fertilizer to the bottom of the ridge or slightly deeper in the middle of the two small rows. The seed fertilizer should be applied between the seed blocks and the amount should be smaller.

7, herbicide damage. Prior to filming after sowing, the concentration of sprayed herbicide was too large or uneven. The prevention method is to use the product according to the required concentration and dosage, so as to avoid leakage and re-spray, and the spraying shall be uniform and thoughtful.

8, poor sowing when sowing. Sowing is inconsistent with the depth of soil. Poor sowing when planting, relying on days of rain or drought to a certain extent and then watering, emergence are uneven. The prevention method is: If there is a lack of sensibility, it is necessary to make a sowing and sowing. The sowing and sowing should be consistent with the depth.

9, the film is damaged in the early stage of emergence. As a result, the difference in temperature and humidity in the soil caused uneven growth. The prevention method is to promptly wet the fine soil when the film is damaged.

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