Fertilizer fish culture matters needing attention

Bacterial fish culture precautions Different breeders have different feeding habits. In order to make the fish tank appear clean and sanitary, some people are willing to incubate the microbial fertilizer for a period of time and then filter it into the fish tank, so that it does not appear to be “dark and dirty” in the fish tank. This method is perfectly acceptable. Some people like to save time and money. The goldfish itself is for entertainment and recreation. If you are in trouble, you will lose the meaning of keeping goldfish. Put the microbial fertilizer directly into the fish tank, so that the water in the tank will have a dark feeling for a few days, but this is the slightest It does not affect the growth and development of goldfish and turtles. After about three or four days, the water body has gradually become clear. This method is better than the former one because after filtration, some beneficial substances are filtered out, affecting microorganisms. Fertilizer effect.
Water bodies treated with microbial fertilizers have extremely high levels of beneficial microorganisms and very high levels of reporters. These are good sources of feed for goldfish. The water quality is not completely clear and transparent in imagination, but is a highly nutritious water body with a slightly greenish, viscous consistency. Such water is close to the water in the natural ecological environment and is the best water quality environment suitable for the growth and development of goldfish turtles. It is transparent and clear. The water is not suitable for the growth of goldfish and turtles.

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