Side calendula

Adonis amurensis

Side calendula alias cold flower, top ice, early spring flowers, is a Ranunculaceae, side calendula genus.

[Morphological characteristics]

Perennial perennial grass, 20 cm - 35 cm tall, leaf type II, single flowers on the main stem, a few branches at the top, common in cold mountainous areas of the first leaves, mostly grown in the lower part of the mountain, single or clustered in coniferous and broad-leaved mixed forest, Broad-leaved forests and forest margins, hillside slopes, road bends, and shrubs. Hi fertile, moist soil. The side calendula plants are short and dwarfed by pride and springness. Golden flowers bloom out from the top of the ice, and they are known as the "Lin Hai Saussurea."

[Cultivation Techniques]

Reproduction: Breeding with sowing or rooting. The seeds mature from mid-May to early June, and the mature seeds easily fall off and should be harvested in time. It can be sowed in autumn, or it can be sowed in spring for the following year. Seedlings grow slowly, and usually two cotyledons are born in the year of sowing, and then normal leaves grow year after year. It takes about five years to bloom. Reproduction by roots can be carried out in the spring, summer and autumn, and it is best to use in late autumn. The plants with more stems or dormant buds were selected and cut into sections. Each section was required to bear stems above ground or dormant buds, and then transplanted.

Management: potted planting should be densely planted, generally in the late autumn, pots and soils need to be mixed with more humus. When planting, dormant buds should be level with the soil. After being planted, it should be placed in the shade underground in the outdoor place. Sawdust or broken buds should be placed around the pots for easy removal at any time. In order to admire flowers in winter, the pots can be moved to 00C-50C cold room for l days - 2 days, then moved to a room at 15°C-20t, placed in ample light, about 10-12 days will germinate, Lei, flowering.


It can be used as a material for flower beds, flower paths, grass margins or rock gardens. The whole plant can be used medicinally, with the effect of heat evacuation.

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