Four seasons hold the stem Camellia (Figure)

Four-season Camellia Camellia is a new variety of camellia imported from Vietnam. This variety of camellia costs as much as 1,200 yuan on the market. In Jinhua's flower market, there are similarly diverse camellias. It is difficult for laymen to see too much difference from the flower's appearance, but their prices are in stark contrast. A pot of ordinary camellia costs only 30-50 yuan, while the four-seasoned camellias can sell for more than 40 times their price. Why does it have such a high value?

Expert: It is characterized by its ability to bloom throughout the year and its long flowering period. It has been open since the beginning of the year and it has been open until April. It has been suspended for a period of ten days and a half months after April, and then it has been open since June at the end of April. So basically it's open all year round. The flower pattern itself is also very beautiful. Its flowering heart is very big, golden yellow, so the effect is a rare species in the camellia.

Camellia, also known as Camellia, ranks seventh in China's traditional top ten famous flowers, and is also one of the world's most valuable flowers and trees. There are many types of camellia in China's Camellia Culture Park. The average camellia flowering period is from March to May each year, but the four seasons are the species that can be flowered all year round. It is a treasure of Camellia. Because of the unique ornamental value of this kind of camellia, it also makes it more valuable. Is there a market for such a high price?

Expert: Like this treasure is rare, so we looked rather strange, we want to introduce a little. There is no shortage of buyers for such a precious tea flower, so what kind of environment does it adapt to? Expert: Suitable for the South Asian subtropics, we Guangxi, Yunnan, including Vietnam, south subtropical to tropical, the most suitable for its growth, so in this area of ​​East China, winter is a little cold, not too adaptable, so winter to put Go to the greenhouse.

According to experts, as long as the tea leaves are kept at a temperature of 20°C and in a humid environment, they can grow well, and the market is promising. Nowadays, there are more and more farmers planting camellia in Jinhua.

Expert: Now the market is always fine. Everyone has a higher demand for camellia and has paid more attention to it now. How much can your income be through Camellia in one year? The income of a person can reach 20,000 to 30,000 per person. Like our flower farm flowers are sold throughout the country. Like Yunnan, they will also purchase goods from me. The furthest is now sold to Hong Kong.

The characteristics of the four-season blossom of the four-year-old camellias make it exciting for many operators, except that it can make up for the lack of vacancy in the winter market, and because the flowers can be used as cut flower materials, so it is a high price and a good market. the reason.

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