How to choose a transplanter field operation route

After the rice transplanter is in the field, the size and shape of the field should be observed to determine the walking route. Generally, there are three solutions for the operation of the field.

Scenario 1: After the machine inserting operation, a job width is reserved around the sky, and the Shuntian block works in the direction of the length, and finally exits the field after finishing the operation around the field.

Option 2: The first line of the transplanting machine will be directly planted on the side of the field, and the other three sides will be reserved for two empty widths of field widths so that the rice transplanter can make a roundabout turn and then quit the field after completing the reciprocating operation. Piece. This kind of scheme is mostly used for a ride-type rice transplanter with a large turning radius.

Option 3: In the case of irregular plots and machine insertion operations, the longest position of the plots is used as the first line of operation. A job width is reserved around the plots in sequence, and the plots are finally exited. .

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