Tianfu meat duck

Tianfu Meat Duck is a poultry breeder expert from Sichuan Agricultural University. Professor Wang Linquan uses the excellent genes of introduced species and local varieties to apply the principles of modern poultry commercial breeding to strengthen selection. Using appropriate backcrossing and gene introduction techniques, the genetic performance of the bred is stable and adaptable. Highly disease-resistant large meat duck commercial accessory line. Tianfu meat ducks have been widely distributed in Sichuan, Yunnan and more than 10 provinces and cities, with strong market competitiveness and broad prospects for promotion and application.

First, appearance characteristics

The body is large and plump, the feathers are white, and the beak, pupa, and pupa are orange-yellow; the female duck gradually grows in color as the age of the laying eggs grows, and even appears dark spots; the young ducklings appear yellow.

Second, production performance

Tianfu meat duck white feathers: Parents breed ducks were born at 26 weeks of age (the egg production rate was up to 5%), and 240-250 eggs of qualified breeds were produced each year. Egg weight was 85-88 grams and the fertilization rate was over 90%. Commercial ducks live at the age of 4 weeks and live 1.8-1.9 kg, feed ratio 1.6-1.8:1; 6-week-old live weight 2.9-3 kg, feed ratio 2.2-2.4:1; 7-week live weight 3.2-3.3 Kilograms, meat ratio 2.5-2.6:1.

Tianfu meat duck and feather plume: The parent breed duck started production at the age of 26 weeks, with an annual output of 230-240 qualified eggs, an egg weight of 83-85 grams, and a fertilization rate of more than 90%. Under the grazing and feeding conditions, the commodity generation lived at 1.7-2 kg on the 45th day and supplemented with 1.7-1.8 on the diet.

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