Shanwei (Figure)

Alias: Blue Butterfly, Zhu Yingtai Flower

Scientific name: Iris

Family genus: Iris family Iris

Morphological characteristics: Perennial flowers with rhizomes. About 80 cm high. Ye Jian-shaped, thin, pale green. Several of the pedicels have flowers, and the corolla is purple and white. Outer 3 larger, rounded drooping; inner 3 smaller, rounded. Stamens and outer tepals opposite; style 3-lobed, flattened like petals, covered with stamens.

Native to China and Japan. Wet and moist fertile areas are mainly distributed in the Central Plains, Southwest and East China. The flowers are open in May and May. They have flowering foliage, blue, purple, yellow, white, pink and other colors. The flowers are large and beautiful. Fruit with 6 edges. The iris is a beautiful potted flower, cut flowers and flower beds. It is bitter, flat, and toxic; roots can be used medicinally.

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