InnovationTM high-efficiency cation exchange liquid chromatography column for genetic engineering to improve efficiency

Genetic engineering is one of the most rapid developments in science and technology. With the development of genomics and molecular engineering, especially the initial completion of the Human Genome Project, it marks the development of genetic engineering to a new historical stage. The huge potential of the genetic industry. However, in the genetic industry, especially in the genetic drug industry, 70% or more of its cost is applied to the separation and purification of protein drugs, and the important role of separation and purification is seen again.
However, in the process of genetic engineering large-scale protein drug separation and purification process optimization, the soft column efficiency is too low, the balance and purification time is too long, and many bottleneck problems can not be solved, resulting in high cost of separation and purification, low efficiency. If a large-scale high-efficiency ion-exchange chromatography column (column effect 8-12 million) can replace the traditional soft rubber column, it is not only the genetic engineering protein drug produced by fermentation (the purification system is simple) or the natural protein (purified system complex) natural protein, a linear gradient. Purification means that a completely purified protein is obtained, and the time is reduced by a factor of 10. This ideal high-efficiency ion exchange column must be a silicone matrix!
In fact, the future of biological downstream engineering must be a high-quality silica-based high-efficiency ion-exchange chromatography column and an inexpensive pseudo-affinity affinity chromatography column as the purification core, combined with the expanded bed for crude purification. Adsorption and conventional gel size exclusion chromatography for desalting.
Therefore, Chrom-Matrix has systematically investigated the reasons why the quality of the highly efficient ion exchange bonded phase products of silica gel matrix has not achieved a qualitative breakthrough in recent decades, and gradually solved the problem, and finally developed a new type of bonding chemistry. Produces high quality silica-based SCX, WCX, DEAE and SAX highly efficient ion exchange bonded phases.
Chrom-Matrix's InnovationTM SCX high performance cation exchange liquid chromatography column (suitable for small molecule and peptide applications) and InnovationTM BioSCX high performance strong cation exchange liquid chromatography column (suitable for peptide and protein applications). Their stability, column lifetime, and reproducibility are absolutely superior chromatographic products in silica-based high-performance cation exchange liquid chromatography. The Innovation TM SCX High Performance Strong Cation Exchange LC column has the following product features.
(1) Innovation TM SCX bonded phase is the most important ion exchange bonded phase. Very stable and very reliable, the difference between batches of bonded products is less than 5%. Particularly suitable for the separation of basic or amphoteric small molecule compounds and polypeptides. There is no leakage in the bonded phase!
(2) In many practical applications, the compounds to be purified, especially the more polar compounds, are too close to the impurities in the reverse phase preparative separation and require an SCX bonded equivalent ion exchange column for further purification.
(3) wells Innovation TM SCX bond bonding macropores compared Innovation TM BioSCX opposing bonded peptide mapping (peptide mapping) high resolution. Innovation TM SCX (Ion Exchange), Innovation TM HP Amide (Hydrophilic Chromatography) and Innovation TM 300Ã… C18 constructed very complete and clear images of component analysis of unknown peptide samples and analysis of active constituents of Chinese herbal medicines under "all blind" conditions. Innovation TM SCX (Ion Exchange), Innovation TM Silica and Innovation TM C18 build a very complete and clear image of the compositional analysis of small molecule compounds in nature under "all blind" conditions.
(4) The pH range of the silica-bonded phase is 2-8, which is sufficient for the separation and purification of most polypeptides. However, it is not enough for basic small molecule compounds. However, since the evaporation of the organic buffer, pH12 gradient run of arrival pH2, Innovation TM SCX bonded phase and Innovation TM BioSCX bonded phase without stability problems. Evaporator organic buffer, Innovation TM SCX bonded phase and Innovation TM BioSCX fully bonded phase using a mass spectrometer capable of connecting!
Innovation TM Efficient strong cation Chrom-Matrix's innovative research and development in terms of exchange liquid chromatographic column separation and purification efficiency or column stability and reproducibility are all based on rich experience of R & D teams and extensive research to ensure the separation of proteins Purification is guaranteed, paving the way for genetic engineering and applications.

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