To emphasize the teaching of piglets

In feeding and management, the piglets should develop good hygienic habits as soon as possible, and use training to eat, pull, and sleep three positions. Feeding materials should be fed less frequently, strive to be full every day, head full, meal full, such as the emergence of uneven growth should be transferred as soon as possible after group feeding or feeding, feeding supplements, so that it grows evenly. Generally designed according to pigs, with 18-25 heads as a group.

Strengthen nutrition and prevent diseases. A few days before weaning, piglets add glucose, brown sugar, milk powder, etc. to the feed or drinking water to supplement the energy of the piglets, thereby reducing the physical energy consumption of the piglets. At the same time, we must pay attention to the prevention of piglets diarrhea, respiratory diseases and other drugs to prevent the incidence of piglets.

Handle the sick and the disabled with timely treatment. For the early identification of individual sick and frail disabled pigs, early isolation treatment and individual superior feeding, it is true that sick and fragile pigs that do not have much value should be eliminated as soon as possible.

                                                                   Medical Compressed Air Plant

The medical compressed air plant consists of the air compressor, general  filter, aftercooler, precision filter, desiccant air dryer, air buffer tank, activated carbon filter, compressed air quality monitor, decompressor, valve, pipeline and terminal. The system generates compressed air through an air compressor, removes the impurities, oil mist and moisture in the compressed air through an adsorption dryer filter unit, delivers the air to the air storage tank and supplies it through a pipeline to the terminal equipment in the operating room, ICU and other inpatient wards after decompression.

Compressed Air Drawing

Medical Compressed Air Plant

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