Garden Ornamental Tree Sheepshoe

The hornbill is a beautiful garden ornamental tree. There are about 570 species of genus, belonging to the tropical and subtropical regions. There are 35 species in China. The reason why sheep's hooves are so lovable is that the first leaves of their horns are split, like sheep's hooves, in a strange and novel form. Secondly, the tree is beautiful, moderate in size, and the average height of a typical adult tree is between 5m and 8m. Only the height of the white flower and sheep's feet is smaller. Third, most of them are green and full of shade all year round. It can not only be a landscape tree but also a shade tree. Its flower shape is beautiful, and the flowering period is also rare for other species of flowers and plants. There are mainly the following species: 1. Hemerocallis inflorescences, terminal, petal oblanceolate, rose red, and sometimes white. Flowering from October to November. 2. Saffron Stilettos racemose, sometimes branched, flowers large and beautiful, petals oblanceolate, purple, flowering from November to February of the following year, and sometimes in early March there are still flowers. 3. Bauhinia corymba inflorescences, petals oblanceolate, reddish and miscellaneous to purple, flowering March to April. 4. White flowers and sheep feet racemes, axillary, petals obovate, white, flowering in April.

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