Plumeria, also known as egg yellow flower, big season flower, Latin name Pumeriarubra Lcv.Acutifolia. Is an evergreen plant of the genus Apocynaceae. The original "P. rubralinn" flowers are bright red and rare; most of them are cultivars, flowers 5-6 cm long, the outside is slightly pink, and the inner surface is yellow, usually called " Crown white, yellow heart, the shape of an egg white egg yolk, hence the name. Every year in the flowering season of August and September, the scent of fragrant plum blossom is exuded. Visitors to the Seven Stars Rock in Gaoyao County, Guangdong Province, can enjoy an exotic drink - frangipani. In fact, they are smoked with the dried flowers of frangipani.

The flowers and bark of frangipani can be used as medicine, with heat, detoxification, cure phlegm, lungs, cough, asthma; flowers can be extracted aromatic oils, as a modulation of cosmetics and senior soap.

Plumeria is native to tropical America and is now widely planted in tropical regions. In some countries, it is often planted on all sides of temples. It is also known as “Temple Tree” or “Tower Tree”. In southern China, many provinces are cultivated, and there are plants in both colors. This tree has few results, but the cuttings are easy to survive and do not require sowing.

BIO scope S1 is a digital handheld scope used to record digital photographs and videos.

It is mainly used in hospital, Clinic and medical departments for doctors and nurses to examine ear.



1. Bigger LED Screen 3.5 inch with 720*480 resolution
2. Never hot lens with 300 thousand pixel
3. Disposable earmuff
4. examine external ear and middle ear

5. cerumen,otitis media, ear infections, perforation of tympanic membrane checking

6. Small & Light to hold, Easy to carry with aluminum box

7. Rechargeable Li-On battery to ensure 4 hours continuous working at least

8. Cheaper price

9. CE mark




Resolution 720X480
Light source Natural white(LED)
LCD 3.5 inches special LCD screen
Minimum color difference for different viewing angle
File format JPEG,BMP,AVI
Media Micro SD flash card
Interface 1 mini USB,1 AV-OUT,1 SD card slot
Power supply rechargeable lithium battery
External power 110V~220V AC 50/60HZ, Output DC 5V 500MA
Working time 3 hours for continuous working
Charging time 5 hours

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