In the tropical regions of the Americas, there is a peculiar plant. Its flower is shaped like an ancient timer “sundial”. The fruit is like an egg. The climbing tendril curls like a spring. This is the passion fruit. Because of these characteristics, it is sometimes referred to as grass, twigs of lotus, blue flowers, eggs, and other aliases. Passiflora is a perennial evergreen or semi-woody climbing plant of the Passiflora family. Its stem is cylindrical or slightly ribbed and can grow up to 10 meters in length. The tendrils are alive, unbranched and all are hairless. Leaf palmately 5-lobed, lobes entire, base attenuate, petiole 2 to 4 glands, stipules large and amplexicaul. Flowers solitary in leaf axils, ca. 5 cm to 10 cm in diam., slightly scented, light pink petals, corolla white, base and tip blue, calyx white or pale pink in center, centered in 5 bulges Golden anthers and 3 brown stigmas. Berries are ovate to spherical, about 5 cm to 7 cm long, orange-yellow. Flowering from April to September and fruiting from August to October. Passiflora, originating in Brazil and other countries, is full of sunshine, loose and fertile growth conditions, and is not tolerant to cold. Winter temperatures should be above 4°C. Avoid water and drought, and adapt to tropical and subtropical warm climates. Family potted passionflowers should be peat soil or rot leaf soil plus sand and a small amount of farmyard fertilizer. The flowerpots should select small and medium sized basins with diameters of 20cm or less. The pots are too large to be flowered, and they need to be racked at the basin edge. Its climbing. Passion Flower, the family should be placed on sunny terraces and windowsills. It takes 3 to 4 hours of direct sunlight each day, and it can be moved to indoor windows in winter. The spring, summer and autumn seasons are vigorous growth period. We should keep the basin soil moist, often irrigating the water, but not water. Apply liquid fertilizer once every 2 weeks, reduce watering in winter, just keep the pot soil dry, and stop the fertilizer at the same time. . The breeding method can be used for sowing, cutting and layering, in which the sowing method is more common. After the fruits are washed, the seeds are taken out, dried and stored until about 20°C in the next spring. Passiflora vines have long stems and grow fast. Although each flower is only open for a few days, it blooms in summer and autumn. In the southern warm area can be used for flower racks, green corridors, etc., can be potted stand, let it climb growth, play the United States home.

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