Wang Lian

Wang Lian is a perennial aquatic flower of Nymphaeaceae and Wanglian. The rhizomes are short and erect and the basal roots are well developed. Leaf floating surface, round to disc-shaped, with an edge diameter of 1.8 meters or more. Flowers bisexual, with a diameter of up to 30 cm, four sepals, and many more thorns on the back. The petals are oblong and lanceolate and range from 50 to 70. During flowering, the buds stretched out from the water and opened on the first day of the evening. The petals were white, and the aroma was rich. The morning was closed, and it was opened again in the afternoon. It was pink, the petals were rewinded, and they turned red in the morning of the third day and sank into the water. About two months after flowering, the fruit is ripe and 200 to 300 seeds.

Wang Lian is native to South America and has high water temperature (25°C to 35°C) and high air temperature (25°C to 35°C) and relative humidity of 80%. It requires plenty of light and fertile loam. In the 1950s, China introduced two varieties, the Amazon Wanglian and the Paraguayan Wanglian. The author cultivated Paraguay Wang Lian in the Children's Center of China, also known as Cruz Lianlian or Wang Lian of Argentina. The diameter of the leaves is 1.5 to 1.6 meters, and the edge stands up to 12 to 18 centimeters. The veins on the back of the leaves are dark red, and the stress resistance is relatively strong and it is easier to cultivate. Wang Lian reproduces with seeding methods and generally does not cultivate perennials. At the beginning of January, in the greenhouse, freshly rotted humus soil with a new seedling pot was used to flatten and leave one centimeter along the mouth to seed the seeds. The thickness of the cover soil was equivalent to twice that of the seeds. Then drench the water, and then in the large basin with an inner diameter of 60 cm buckle a suitable height of the flower pot, the seedlings above the frame (pictured), next to a thermometer temperature measurement, decentralization of a thermal bar, set 30 °C automatic Temperature adjustment. Then fill the water, the water level is 1 cm above the seedling pot. Then install a 15 watt air pump to oxygenate the water body. The water temperature is always kept stable, the water quality is fresh, and the new pot ripening soil is protected from the erosion of moss and bacteria.

About 40 days after sowing, it germinated. The first and second leaves were conical. The third leaf was pod-shaped. After reaching six or seven leaves, it gradually became round. At this time, the seedlings could be divided into pots and the inner diameter was In a small basin of 10 cm, the depth of immersion can reach the surface where the leaves can float. Each large basin can hold 8 to 10 small pots. When the temperature rises above 15°C at night, it can be moved to the open-air pool for conservation.

To arrange the exhibition for the festival, Wang Lian can be planted in a large pot of 1 meter. When the leaves of the seedlings grow to 20 cm, replace the fertile loam with a large one-meter pot and pay attention to the protection of the growing point when filling. Wang Lianxi has a large amount of organic fertilizer. She can disperse hooves under the basin and make 1,000 grams of base fertilizer. Then the pool conservation, the water should not be too deep, no floating leaves can be, is conducive to light, increase water temperature. As the temperature of the water rises, the lotus grows very quickly. It can be said that the water level should be adjusted in a timely manner. The adult plant needs a water depth of 1 meter and the water surface is 30 square meters. When it grows to 14 to 15 leaves, the leaf margin starts to rise upright. , Form a disc. One leaf can grow to more than 1.3 meters in a week. At this point should be appropriate amount of fertilizer, can be used adequately cooked malt residue plus appropriate amount of urea, potassium dihydrogen phosphate and ferrous sulfate made of 8 cm in diameter, 20 cm high bar fertilizer, staging into the pot edge, to promote leaf Dahuarong. Wang Lian’s leaves grow regularly. When a new leaf grows, an old leaf rots and leaves six or seven leaves. When the flower Xie sinks into the water, it is better to use a fine nylon yarn as a bag to prevent the seeds from being lost. In July, the flowering seed is full and can be retained. In August, the seed is more mature and cannot be used. Seed China reminds you: End of October, to complete the entire development process. The lotus seed was washed and put into a clean water bottle after being collected and stored at a temperature above 20°C. The temperature was too low to affect the seed development in the following year.

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