Fermentation bed for chickens and ducks

Method of Fermenting Bed Chickens and Ducks Fermentation auxiliaries and sawdust shavings are mixed and spread evenly in the circle with a total thickness of not less than 40 cm. The chicken and manure urine in the sawdust layer is accumulated more and more, after 3-7 days Functional microorganisms have undergone active colonization and have developed in a geometric progression (up to 272 in 24 hours of theoretical breeding!). Fecal urine and other sources of nutrients have been used to gradually warm up the mixture of sawdust excreta and urine. Up to 30-50°C or higher, the surface temperature is stable at 20 degrees for a long time, basically forming a constant temperature bed. After the completion of the lower fermentation, sawdust and other matting materials will gradually darken and darken due to fermentation carbonization. The mixture of sawdust and chickens and ducks excrement after fermentation is a high-quality, high-quality bio-organic fertilizer or roughage, rich in nutrients, loose ventilation, and no odor. The appearance is beautiful, does not burn root and does not burn seedlings, can be widely used in seedlings, flower nutrition soil, economic crops, fruit and vegetables, or other animal roughage, etc., can be cleared and transported in batches. If you do not need to use, you can not clear the transport for a long time, but you should also add litter for a long time.

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