Bullfrog wintering attention

The breeding of frogs begins in the fall. From the young frogs that hatched during the year, young frogs with fast growth, large physique, and strong physique were selected to strengthen the stocks to make them rich in nutrients and ensure safe wintering. Start from the following aspects.
(A) to create a suitable environment species frogs gonadal development, the need for a quiet environment, no outside interference, temperature and humidity appropriate, so we must prevent casual workers into the field, reduce noise, to avoid sending a strong sound, create a quiet place.
(2) Provide sufficient high-quality feed to breed frogs, feed more than 5% of palatability animal feed per day, with more species, and ensure trace element and vitamin needs, feeding 2 times a day, 8 to 9 am, At 4 to 6 in the afternoon, do not overfeed and eat within 2 hours after feeding is the standard for feeding amount. Before each feeding, the residual bait should be removed to prevent the breeding of frogs to eat bait and prevent the occurrence of diseases.
(3) Strengthen day-to-day management Breeding frogs should be carefully managed. Sooner or later, patrol pools should be inspected. Problems should be solved in a timely manner. In particular, efforts should be made to prevent escape, prevent diseases, and prevent theft.

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