Cherry powdery mildew

Cherry powdery mildew alias white mold Bo?

Symptoms Symptoms occur in summer, with a white powdery flora on the foliage and a small black ball in the autumn flora, which is the closed shell of the pathogen. The fruit was susceptible. The fruit surface began to appear white round powdery flora in May, and the lesions expanded to about half of the fruit surface. The tissue near the epidermis of the later stage was withered and the lesions became light brown, slightly sunken, hardened or cracked.
The etiological agent is Podosphaera tridactyla Walk de Bary, which is the same as peach powdery mildew.

The onset of the disease? The pathogen formed a black closed crust shell after October, so that winter was passed, and ascospores were released for early infection in late spring, and further spread and spread after the formation of conidia. Conidial germination temperature is 4-35°C, suitable temperature is 21-27°C, under direct sunlight for 3-4h, or under scattered light for 24h, it loses germination power, but it has stronger frost resistance, and it encounters late frost. Still germinating.

Control methods
1. Spray 0.3 at the onset. Be lime sulfur or 25% triadimefon 3000 times, 70% thiophanate-methyl wettable powder 1500 times liquid l 2 times.
2. After the fall, clear up the orchard, sweep away fallen leaves, and burn them together.

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