Brood Cattle Elimination and Supplementation in Late Breeding Broilers

1. Elimination of bad cocks If there are a large number of cocks, the cocks that cannot be used can be eliminated in time. When the cage chickens are raised, they can be examined under the microscope and the cocks with no sperm or low sperm activity can be picked out and eliminated. The rooster can be divided into three groups: A, B, and C. The rooster in group A has bright feathers, is overweight, and fights well. It is in a dominant position in the flock. It protects the hen but does not mate with the hen. The other cocks did not dare to touch its hens; the cock in group B was of moderate weight, rosy and upright, bright eyes and eyes, bright feathers, quick action, strong legs, and no excess belly fat. Battle. Their body weight is generally about 30% heavier than hens, they are matched with hens and they are adored with hens, so the fertility rate is higher; the total cock feathers of C group are uneven, the weight is too small, and the chicken crown is shrinking. Swollen legs and legs, although it occupies the hen but can not mate. From this we can see that in order to increase the fertilization rate of the eggs, the group A and C cocks are eliminated in time, and the excellent group B cock is selected.
2, in the practical production of the roosters, broiler breeders tend to supply less quantity in the late stage of egg production, so they need to be replaced or supplemented with new roosters. In addition to meeting the conditions of the group B roosters mentioned above, It should also be healthy and disease-free for the same species, and the best age requirement is 30-35 weeks. The method of exchange is: In the afternoon, the bad cockerels of the above group A and group C were singled out and generally accounted for 40-50% of the original cock. After the chickens were quiet on that night, the cockerels to be exchanged were evenly distributed throughout the entire building. In the coop, the commonly exchanged cocks also accounted for 40-50% of the original cocks, to ensure that the cocks after conversion would still account for 8-11% of the number of hens. This would not only avoid cock fighting, but also maximize fertilization. After the change of roosters, the chickens should be observed in time to pick out the aggressive cock. At the same time, it is easy to bring new bacteria and viruses into the roosters. Therefore, before the replacement, the new roosters should be subject to strict quarantine and isolation observations to ensure their health.
In addition, if you do not meet the requirements of the surplus cock, you can also use the exchange between the dong and dong, so that the cock impulse, but also can improve the fertility rate. The two sheds that are exchanged should be healthy, disease-free chickens of the same breed, and the age of the birds should be the same.

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