Red edge beetle

Asias halodendri Pallas, also known as the red-stranded longhorn beetle, belongs to the order of the Coleoptera, Cerambycidae, and is distributed in the northeast, north, east and south of southern China. Injury dates, apples, pears and other fruit trees.
What are the hazards? The larvae feed on the branches of the cortex and xylem, and the lighter ones weaken the tree vigor.
Morphological characteristics adults: body length of about 17 mm, narrow body, black. The base of the Coleoptera wing has a scarlet-red oval spot with a scarlet-red tapering pattern on its outer edge.
Larvae: The mature larvae are approximately 22 mm in length and are milky white; the ossification of the anterior thoracic plate is partly yellow-brown and divided into four pieces.
Life history and habits occur one generation in a year and the larvae winter in the affected branches. The activity was resumed in March of the following year. The xylem in the cortex was drilled and flattened and the dung was placed outside the hole. In mid-late and late April, adult eclosion was observed. During the middle of May, adults emerged, and during the day, they took feeding supplements such as jujube flowers. Adults lay eggs in the weakened branches of the skin. After hatching, the larvae drilled between the phloem and xylem and gradually entered the pith. The severely damaged branches had only bark left and they were all empty inside.

Control methods
1. Remove the dead branches and burn them in time.

2. Manually capture adults.

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