Vegetable Insect Net Coverage Cultivation Supporting Measures

Insect nets cover cultivation is mainly used for the production of leafy vegetables in the suburbs of the city, which can reduce the influence of unfavorable factors such as high temperature, heavy rain, diseases and insect pests, etc. in summer and autumn, and improve the quality of vegetables. In order to fully play its role, the following measures must be supported in production.

1. Pastoral clean-up: Cleanup of plant residues and weeds prior to sowing and reduce the number of worms. Remove weeds from inside and outside of the web foot and around them to prevent eggs produced by pests from falling into the net and hatching hazards.

2, soil disinfection: cover the net before deep-turning the soil, before planting with chlorpyrifos or dichlorvos on the surface spray, kill the pests in the soil.

3. Variety selection: cabbage, summer (autumn) cabbage, summer (autumn) cabbage, spinach, lettuce, parsley, cauliflower, radish, leeks, onions, garlic and other vegetables exposed in summer and autumn, more pests and diseases, especially suitable to cover the insect network Cultivation. The humidity in the greenhouse is slightly larger than the exposed area, and the summer temperature is 2-4°C higher than the outside world. It is necessary to use vegetables that are resistant to heat, moisture and disease. Vegetables in the same net shed should be of the same variety and variety, and it is best to plant them at the same time to facilitate management and prevent the spread of pests and diseases.

4. Control of wet drainage: In summer, the vegetables in the net shelf are susceptible to high temperature and high humidity. In areas with high groundwater level and high rainfall, deep ditch sorghum planting is required to facilitate drainage and maintain proper humidity, which is not conducive to pests and diseases. The environment that occurred.

5, full coverage: At present, more than the application of insect nets in summer and autumn. In southern provinces and cities, there is less snow in winter. In order to prevent invasion and damage of pests in other seasons, the net sheds can be covered all year round, so that the net sheds can also play a role in preventing frost in the spring and autumn.

6. Shed Management: Shelving should be strong and the column should not be too small. It is required to be windproof and snow resistant. The area of ​​the net shed is 1335-2670 square meters, so as to avoid large areas of damage caused by strong winds. Personnel are required to close the door, often check the insect nets for cracks and make timely repairs. The leaves and insect nets must be kept at a certain distance to prevent pests from producing eggs on the leaves. Vegetables will attract pests to lay eggs on the insect-proof nets. Newly hatched larvae can easily infiltrate into the net, and insect nets should be cleaned frequently.

7. Pest management: According to the prevention and control targets and distribution, minimize the use of drugs and control the use of drugs during the best period of prevention and treatment. Biopesticides are preferred, selective use of chemical pesticides, such as Bt, avermectin, pyrethroids, insect hormones, and a few organophosphorus pesticides, to strictly control the safety intervals of various pesticides. You can also use natural enemies to eliminate pests in the net shed, such as ladybugs, grasshoppers, parasitic bees, etc.

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