Lettuce stalk severely affects the quality of lettuce, and many vegetable farmers often fail to effectively prevent the slicing of the slicing stalk, resulting in serious economic decline. In order to improve the quality of lettuce and reduce the loss of vegetable farmers, the causes of cracking stems and preventive measures are briefly described as follows:

Causes of crack stem stems occur in the harvest period, and there are many reasons: First, related to water and fertilizer, uneven supply of water and fertilizer, sudden drought, especially when the fleshy stems mature, the skin has been lignified, at this time a lot of water, Sudden enlargement of the fleshy stem, the epidermis can not be enlarged and split; the second is uneven heat and cold; the third is the lack of boron, lettuce vitamin C content decreases, plant resistance and disease resistance, fleshy stem easily Crack; Fourth, lettuce harvest too late, easy to cause cracks, making its quality decline.

Preventive measures First, strengthen fertilizer and water management. The management focus is when the lettuce leaf and the rosette leaf are flat, their stems begin to swell, and small water should be poured, and 8 to 10 kg of instant fertilizer is applied per acre, and polyboron 1500 times liquid is sprayed on the leaf surface. Note that this time the water and fertilizer must be timely, too early or too late for the growth of the fleshy stem. After starting watering, the speed of stem enlargement is accelerated, the water and fertilizer are increased, the ground is slightly dry, the watering is even, the amount of water must be moderate, and flooding should be strictly prevented. When the land is able to enter people, shallow loose soil is broken and combined with watering, and top dressing is applied 1 or 2 times. Spraying poly-boron 1500 times once can prevent stem cracks from appearing. Second, timely harvest. When the top of the main stem of the lettuce stem is flat with the tip of the tallest leaf, it is suitable for harvesting. At this time, the fleshy stem has been fully expanded, the quality is crisp, and the cracked stem is not easy to appear.

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