From "oil dealer" to "big money" entrepreneurial legend

From "oil dealer" to "big money" entrepreneurial legend

Two years ago, in the streets and alleys of Foshan, every weekend, we could see Liang Zeyu stepping on bicycles and sweating around to sell peanut oil. The neighbours knew him well and once they heard him, they swarmed around and talked and bought oil. Two barrels of oil, a barrel of 20 liters, according to 15 yuan / liter, Liang Zeyu can make a net profit of 200 yuan over the weekend.

Now, Liang Zeyu has already withdrawn from the hawker "Lakes and Lakes". His bicycle has also been "retired" and replaced by a brand-new Buick sedan.

Just a few years ago, Liang Zeyu was still working in a factory. In order to change his economic situation, he had to go outside to work part-time as soon as possible, such as selling old books and helping merchants send leaflets. After a few months, Liang Zeyu did not earn much money, but he was exhausted physically and mentally. The wife could not bear to see him tired, suggested to him: "As the saying goes, people who sell oil are in oil, you might as well go to sell oil." Liang Zeyu could not find other alternatives for the time being. He only listened to his wife's suggestion and found a family. The edible oil supplier, using the weekend, began selling oil to earn oil blockbusters living outside the block.

Since Liang Zeyu sold genuine peanut oil, it was genuine and, in addition to being delivered home, his business was welcomed by the residents since the first day.

In the first month, Liang Zeyu subtracted costs and earned nearly 1,000 yuan. Liang Zeyu was so happy that he never thought that oil would sell so well, and that he would be profitable when he opened the door for the first time.

Six months later, Liang Zeyu once again played a new abacus and wanted to change the livelihoods of selling bicycles on bicycles. He thought that he was just selling oil on the street, and his income from his business was always limited. If he is an edible oil supplier, isn't it better? Liang Zeyu told his wife his idea and hoped that his wife would support him from resigning to work in the oil business.

The considerate wife knew that his resolve was settled and he had to agree. However, she has a demand that before Liang Zeyu resigns, he must plan a good shop and find a good press machine.

With the support of his wife, Liang Zeyu felt even more powerful. He stepped on the bike used to sell oil and visited more than a dozen edible oil suppliers to find out the source and operating experience of the oil extraction machine. It was learned that Liang Zeyu wanted to buy machinery to produce edible oil. Merchants seemed to be on the verge of confrontation with the enemy and refused to give him the slightest hint of information. Liang Zeyu took more than half a month and still found nothing.

Apart from disappointment, Liang Zeyu had no choice but to place his hopes on the newspaper network, hoping to find the oil extraction equipment he had in mind. One day, Liang Zeyu saw in the magazine an article entitled "Use Suihua Machinery to Create Millions of Wealth." There was an oil press that he dreamed about. So he quickly dialed the sales phone of Suihua Machinery (020-85638633). The day the public lived up to expectations, the customer service staff of Guangdong Suihua Company not only told him that he had various types of oil presses, but also invited him to come to the site to inspect and learn oil extraction technology.

In 2006, Liang Zeyu's oil processing workshop opened for business. He chose the shop's shop site near the vegetable market, where customers can not only witness the production process of edible oils, but also use their own raw materials processing. The completely transparent processing process has enhanced people's confidence in the consumption of products. At the beginning of business, Liang Zeyu had to set a rule for first ordering oil after making reservations due to insufficient manpower and limited funds.

Liang Zeyu is not satisfied with the retail sales of Jin Liang. He believes that in order to make big money, it must have large customers. His definition of big customers is: First, the demand is large, and the second is long-term stability. So he took samples of edible oil he produced and visited the canteens of several schools in the vicinity in order to become their regular oil supplier. In order to reach a contract, Liang Zeyu also actively reduced the price of oil by 10%. As a result, Liang Zeyu signed three contracts. At the same time, Liang Zeyu also visited several hotel restaurants. The daily fuel consumption of these large oil-consuming households is enough to allow his Suihua brand oil press to turn around.

Just when Liang Zeyu's business was in full swing, a friend who was still riding bicycles to sell oil to find Liang Zeyu requested that Liang Zeyu provide him with regular oil supply. Liang Zeyu was the person who came and he suddenly understood that this was a good opportunity to expand the market. Liang Zeyu agreed with his friend that as long as a friend introduced an oil vendor, he would give him 2% of the selling price as an introduction fee, and correspondingly lower the oil price by 3% than other suppliers. Using this method, Liang Zeyu assembled oil dealers scattered in various regions under his own company and formed a “sold oil team”.

The stable customer and network management law led Liang Zeyu to quickly occupy the local sales market. The business is very hot and the average monthly profit is 50,000-80,000 yuan. Now, Liang Zeyu's edible oil processing workshop has expanded to three storefronts, with two large oil presses purchased from Guangdong Suihua. Liang Zeyu said that he is currently preparing to rename his cooking oil processing plant. The oil produced will be packaged and branded. "The purpose is to make the scale of the company and prepare for further opening up the market." Liang Zeyu said with confidence.

Yes, we believe that Liang Zeyu, who dares to fight, will climb the new peak of his career and become an oil tycoon.

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