Analysis of the reasons for uneven sedimentation in centrifuges

The speed difference between the drum and the inner screw of the centrifuge is 28r/min, and the inner spiral bearing is grease-lubricated and requires a quarterly replacement. However, after adding a large amount of grease from one side, it is not replaced by new fat from the other side, and the situation is abnormal. Through the disintegration of the centrifuge, it was found that the inner spiral bearing entered the water, and the machine seal was damaged, causing the grease to leak from the machine seal. The inspection is timely and prevents the bearing from burning out.

However, the precipitate obtained each time is not uniform. This is because the particles of various sizes and densities are evenly distributed in the centrifuge tube. After a period of time, after all the particles of the zui weight reach the bottom of the tube, the centrifuge starts to be new. The lighter particles near the bottom of the tube also settled in the heavy particles, so the precipitate was suspended, and the centrifuge was centrifuged again at the original speed to obtain a more pure precipitate. After repeated several times, the amount is obtained to obtain a pure sample that is basically a favorite. This process is called washing precipitation, and the supernatants washed each time are combined at a higher speed centrifuge, from the supernatant or Precipitation is obtained by separating and purifying another component. A differential centrifuge is commonly used to separate various sub-cells and crude nucleic acids. Proteins such as tissue homogenate can be proposed in other groups according to their s-values. The method can obtain a relatively pure subcellular component by repeatedly suspending the suspension of Zui and the centrifuge three times, but the obtained components are not absolutely uniform, and can be further Instead of a uniform suspension medium, a continuous liquid density gradient in the crucible is used to obtain a better separation.

Centrifuges are widely available in the laboratory, and are indispensable tools for biological research techniques such as biomacromolecules, organic macromolecules, subcellular, protein, and nucleic acids.

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