The best seasonal choice for farm broiler

Many years of practice have proved that selecting the best seasonal brooder under natural conditions not only affects the survival rate of the chick, but also has an important impact on the future production performance and economic benefits. When is the farmhouse brooding chicken good?

Generally, the brooding is performed from February to March, followed by early summer and autumn, and the brooding effect at midsummer is poor. From February to March, the hatched chicken, also known as early spring chicken, has a higher breeding and economic value. Because the temperature of the brooding in the spring is well controlled and the natural light is increasing day by day, as long as the feeding and management are strengthened, the chicks will be able to grow and develop normally with less disease and high survival rate. The middle brood stage is catching up with the summer and autumn seasons. The outdoor activities take a long time and can be fully exercised, resulting in a strong physique. By August-September, the vast majority of chickens will be able to lay eggs. Even in the winter, most of them will continue to lay eggs until the next fall. At the same time, the eggs are also heavier, the qualification rate of the eggs is high, and the quality of hatched chicks is also good. Although the autumn breeding chicks have good climatic conditions, they have a long duration of light in the later stage of breeding, which enables sexual maturation to be earlier. In adulthood, body weight and egg weight are smaller, and the duration of egg production is short.

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