Grape Rainy Season Management Strategy

First, prevention, timely spraying

For drugs with a residual period of 17 to 21 days, they are usually sprayed once every 15 days. If the rainfall in the middle, depending on the size of the rain, as appropriate, reduce the number of days after the next spraying, if the case of heavy rain after spraying, then sunny after heavy spray 1 times. If the two adjacent drugs are alkaline or acidic, strict attention should be paid to the interval to prevent acid and alkali neutralization of the two drugs.

Second, the initial disease, timely treatment

Go to the vineyard once a day. See the disease at the beginning of the illness and immediately spray the medicine. For example, downy mildew occurs almost to varying degrees every year, and the most frequent season is from late July to early August. It is most susceptible when the temperature difference between day and night is above 10°C. At this point, it is necessary to observe in full and meticulously. See the individual plants in the garden. Even if it is a downy mildew found on a grape, it should be sprayed and prevented immediately. The commonly used agents are 70% Kefu 600 times liquid, 80% BEP 300 times liquid or 1:0.7: 180 times Bordeaux mixture.

Third, Bordeaux fluid, with other agents

In the process of grape disease prevention, Bordeaux mixture should be used as the main ingredient, and it should be used in conjunction with other pharmaceutical agents, which has a good preventive effect. The specific method is to spray a 1:0.5:240 dilution of Bordeaux mixture before flowering, and to spray a 1:0.7:220 dilution of Bordeaux mixture after flowering, spraying 1:0.7:200 times when the grape is inflated. The liquid Bordeaux mixture was sprayed with Bordeaux mixture of 1:1:180 dilution once a day, and Bordeaux mixture of 1:1:160 dilution was sprayed 1-2 times in autumn. If white rot, anthrax, etc. occur in the middle, symptomatic spraying is required. Most of these agents are acidic, and the use of Bordeaux mixture should strictly limit the interval.

Fourth, appropriate fertilizer, strong tree potential, improve resistance

The rainy season will result in the loss of fertility, weakening the tree vigor and reducing resistance. According to the survey, most vineyards have insufficient nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, and trace elements. Therefore, in the rainy season, fertilization of the plots and the growth of the grapes should be appropriate, and appropriate fertilization should be conducted.

The top-dressing fertilizer has the effect of doing more with less. Generally, it is used in combination with spraying, and it is necessary to spray it separately. The method is to add 0.5% urea solution when spraying Bordol. When spraying acidic chemicals, add 0.5% urea and 0.3% potassium dihydrogen phosphate solution. Foliar fertilizer can also be sprayed on the quality, but the new fertilizer must be tested before large-scale application.

V. Releasing soil in time to increase soil permeability

In the rainy season, especially after heavy rains and heavy rains, the vineyard will be hard-surfaced and the soil will be poorly ventilated, causing the grape root system to suffer from oxygen deprivation, weakened tree vigor, reduced resistance and susceptible to disease. Therefore, the soil should be ploughed once before the flood season. During the rainy season, we must pay close attention to the rainy days and cultivate the vineyards to increase the permeability of the soil.

Sixth, cleaning the auxiliary tip to facilitate ventilation

In the rainy season, the grape is easy to grow long, and the incidence of the shoot is very high. It is necessary to timely pick up the grapes and erase the shoot in time. At the same time, excessive shoots of new shoots should be cleared as appropriate, which is beneficial to ventilation and light transmission and improve stress resistance.

VII. Clearing the garden at a proper time to curb the spread of the disease

In the rainy season, there are many rains, lots of water, high temperature and humidity, and the disease is most easily transmitted. If diseases occur in the vineyards, the park must be cleared at any time to remove the diseased diseased leaves, diseased branches, and diseased fruits from the garden, and then buried or burned. . At the same time, the weeds in the garden should be promptly removed. When cutting the diseased branches and fruit, the scissors should be cleaned and disinfected to prevent cross-infection.

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