Bio-fertilizer use is exquisite

Carefully observe and inspect the purchased products, and pay attention to the following items: whether the liquid fertilizer is precipitated or not, and the degree of turbidity; whether the carrier particles of the solid fertilizer are even and whether it is agglomerated.

Pay attention to reasonable application: According to the characteristics of biological fertilizers and strictly according to the requirements of the instructions, especially when it comes to spray concentration, operating instruments, application time and other issues, must be strict operating procedures.

Note that with other medicines and fertilizers, biological fertilizers are generally acidic, and the group is weak before the mass reproduction of microorganisms, and is easily killed or killed. In particular, when applying bactericidal drugs and chemical fertilizers, the two fertilizers will fail. It is best to apply the biofertilizer alone before clarifying the properties of other medicines and fertilizers. Pay attention to the continuity of application: In addition to basal fertilizer, the effect of spraying biological fertilizer is obvious within a few days, and can last for more than 10 to several tens of days. With the long-term exposure of microorganisms, especially the discomfort of high-temperature conditions, microorganisms As the population declines rapidly, it should be supplemented in a timely manner.

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