How to choose to breed sheep

1, the choice of rams. The ram should be physically strong, energetic, agile and lively, and have a strong appetite. The head is slightly heavy, eyes are large and prominent, neck is wide and long, muscular, the armor is higher than the referral, the back is straight, the ribs are arched, the back is flat and wide, the people are flat and wide, the limbs are straight, the coat is more Thick and long, with a male Converse. Rams are moderately sized, with the foreskin opening located further from the base of the scrotum. Where single climbing, concealment, and any abnormal reproductive organs can not be used for species. The kind of high-pitched high-spirited ram is a sign of strong sexual desire.

2, the choice of breeding ewes. The ewes should be sensitive, lively and cheerful, walk briskly, have high heads, have strong appetite, normal growth and development, and soft and elastic skin. The species of ewes used as milk should have a beautiful appearance, with thin bones, thin skin, straight nose, large mouth, large body, deep and wide chest, wide ribs, long back and wide waist, large abdomen without drooping, and wide-ranging of the Ministry of Civil Affairs. The flat and wide hindquarters are not fat. The breasts should also be well-developed, and the young goats' udders should be rounded and tightly attached to the abdomen. Older sheep's breasts showed drooping, slackening, and showed a long barrel. Goat's breasts are compact and large.

3, the choice of lamb. When selecting the remaining lambs, priority should be given to the offspring of the parents who have good production performance. They are important for the first time, have good growth and development, and have good appearance, long body, square back, well-preserved limbs and heads, high armor and high basics. equal.

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