Agricultural machinery fault diagnosis method

There are mainly two kinds of objective fault diagnosis methods and subjective fault diagnosis methods. The objective fault diagnosis method is a method for diagnosing faults through dedicated measuring tools, instruments, and equipment, and is relatively complicated to use, and is mainly used for fault diagnosis of a professional repair factory with a certain scale. The subjective fault diagnosis method is a method for diagnosing a fault by using eyes, ear, nose, and hand, and is simple and easy to use, and is more suitable for use by a hand. Therefore, here we will focus on subjective fault diagnosis:

(1) Using "seeing" visual inspection. Observe the abnormal phenomena of agricultural machinery directly with the eyes, such as oil leakage, water leakage, smoke emitted by the engine, loose parts, obvious fracture, and distortion.

(2) Use "ears" sound test. According to the characteristics of the sound to determine the location of the fault, to identify the abnormal sound and accompanying sound should be noted when the fault occurs, pay attention to the sound and speed, temperature, load and the relationship between the location of the sound, to improve the accuracy of judgment of failure. For example, engine piston knocking is related to speed, load and temperature. When the speed and temperature are low, the sound is clear; when the load is large, the sound is obvious.

(3) Using "nose odor" odor test: According to the characteristics of the odor to determine the location of the fault may occur, identify the abnormal odor and accompanying smoke and other phenomena should be noted when the fault occurs. Such as the rubber smell of the belt, the burnt smell of the friction plate, etc., there will be obvious abnormal smell.

(4) Using the "hand touch" tactile test: Touch the suspected faulty or fault-related part by hand to find out where the fault is. If the brake drum is touched by hand, if it is hot, it is proved that the wheel brake has a brake block failure.

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