Summer fire-fighting soup cool summer

White soup


1. Wash the slaughtered white flesh, scrape the black membrane in the belly, drain the water;

2. In a hot pot, wipe the pan with a small piece of cracked ginger, put two tablespoons of oil, and cook until both sides are slightly yellow.

3. Wash your buns; orange tangerine peels with soft blisters;

4. Pour 8 bowls of water into the corrugated pot and boil it. Put all the ingredients in a hot pot and boil. Transfer to a low heat for one and a half hours and season with salt.

Efficacy: Heat and reduce heat, Qingfei tonic.

【Zizi Shantou Chicken Soup】

200 grams of fresh sorghum root, 20 grams of medlar, half of chicken and 2 slices of ginger. Wash all the materials and dip the chicken pieces; pour the appropriate amount of fresh water into the pot and boil it, put all the ingredients into it, and bring it to a boil over high heat for one and a half hours, seasoning with salt and drinking. Tonic liver and kidney, nourishing yin and eyesight.

Shantou Old Chicken Soup

200 grams of fresh steamed bread, one old chicken, and 3 ginger. The old chickens are slaughtered, washed and chopped, and the water is picked up; the steamed bread is washed and cut into sections; the appropriate amount of fresh water is poured into the corrugated steam, boiled with all the ingredients, and boiled over an hour and a half with salt and seasoned. Spleen and kidney, nourishing and nourishing.

Shantou Chicken Bone Broth Soup

Dry taro 50 grams, 50 grams of Abrus cantoniensis, 200 grams of powdered pupa, 20 grams of Yunqi, 2 candied dates, 500 grams of pork bones, and 2 ginger slices. Dry sorghum, abalone, cloud sorghum and candied dates; Peel the puerarin peeled and diced; Wash the scallops of the pork bones and scoop up the water; Pour the appropriate amount of water into the broiled pot and boil it, put all the ingredients in it. , Circulate fire for one and a half hours, seasoning with salt. Qinggan eyesight, heat dampness.


Shantou is also the root of Chinese wolfberry. In Chinese medicine, there is a special name called "Digupi". It has the effects of supplementing essence and essence, clearing heat and thirst, cooling blood to stop bleeding, clearing away the lungs and reducing fire, and lowering blood pressure. Ming Li Shizhen's "Compendium of Materia Medica" records: "Spring pick wolfberry leaves, the name of fine grass; Xia Caihua, the name of longevity grass; autumn mining child, the name of wolfberry; winter mining root, name of the bone skin." You can say that the body is a treasure. Sometimes in the market will encounter fresh steamed buns, but it is also by chance, more is to buy dry goods in the herbal medicine shop, fresh soup products are more fragrant than the dry products, the unique taste is more concentrated. In addition, the thicker the gimmick, the older the year, the better.

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