Mushroom hot season management points

Summer is the season with high temperature, which is extremely unfavorable for the growth and development of fruit bodies. Poor management prone to wilt mushrooms. How to use cultivation protection facilities and take appropriate measures to limit the impact of adverse environmental conditions? This is the most important part of mushroom management in the summer. According to the experience of major producing areas, the main measures are as follows:

First, strengthen field management and ensure safer summers.

1. Keep mushroom sheds clean and clean. Keep shade in the shed up to eight yin and two yang, and adjust the lower part of the curtain to increase ventilation. No matter what kind of cultivation method. Mushrooms enter the growth period of fruiting bodies, and their cover film on the reticular bed should not be covered by the cover. All the films must be rolled away from the gong bed by more than 30 cm to make the air flow between the boring machines smooth. Sultry dry weather, the film should not be covered during the day. More thunderstorms in summer, pay attention to strengthen the ventilation and humidity, can open a vent in the shade screen around the mushroom shed, so that the air in the shed is smooth; at the same time pay attention to check whether the cover film has leaked rain, avoid high temperature and rain Cause rotten mushroom tube phenomenon.

2. Shade control light. In summer, the shed is warm, and the arbor is to be covered with thatch and branches to avoid direct sunlight. The light source only penetrates the light curtains around the shed wall and it is generally controlled at “one yin and nine yang”, making the entire mushroom The shed is in a shaded and dim condition. The choice of summer mushroom sheds is suitable for mountains and rivers where the mountains are surrounded by water, the air is smooth, and the light is not strong. If the light intensity is too large and the temperature rises, the mushroom body becomes thinner and the color becomes yellow, which affects the quality.

3. Check often. Every day, in conjunction with picking mushrooms, observe and observe that the pests or diseases, or buds, rotten mushrooms, should be removed in time, and the roots should be eradicated, wiped partially with lime water to prevent the spread of pollution. The emphasis is on the ban on the use of pesticides in long-term mushrooms to avoid the effects of mushroom body contamination.

4. Moisture control. Due to shed facilities, do a good job of deep trench drainage to achieve no rain in the ditch when the rain stops. In case of continuous high temperature during sunny days, irrigate the semi-trench ditch at low temperature; cover the upper membrane to prevent the rain to wet the bacteria stick, resulting in excessive water content The anoxic tube; erected in the roof spray belt, the use of groundwater at 10:00 when the spray cooling; mushrooming period, the surface should not be water, otherwise the wound after the mushrooms are prone to green mold; to spray a low temperature fog A small amount of multiple principles to keep the surface wet; drain water should be drained, if the temperature is too high, can be furrow irrigation at noon, sooner or later drained; no mushroom period, should be combined with irrigation, can not be watered all day or for several days to prevent bacteria The rods are in a state of high humidity for a long period of time, resulting in lack of oxygen, which reduces the vitality of mycelium.

Post-harvest management

Breeding: During July-August, high temperatures should be regulated during the high temperature period to avoid culturing mushrooms. Otherwise, the mycelia will be damaged. The bacteria will enter the machine and cause rotten sticks. A small amount of water should be sprayed after the mushroom is harvested. Combine, with dry-based, usually spray once a day fog, extend the ventilation time, so that the bacteria stick rest bacteria, wait until the mushroom parts re-emergence of white mycelium buds. Should be after the beginning of autumn, and then stimulate the temperature and humidity to mushroom.

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