Processing of Pleurotus ostreatus preserves

Formula fresh white oyster mushroom 80 kg, sugar 45 kg, citric acid 0.15 kg.

The raw materials of qualified grades with mature ingredients, good color, good mushroom shape, no mechanical damage, consistent flowering pattern, no pests, and no odor were selected as blanks.

The blanks were trimmed with a stainless steel knife, and the feet of the white pleurotus were trimmed and shaped. The length of the culm was not more than 1.5 cm.

Gray drift will put fresh material into 100:5 lime water, and 70 kg of lime water will be used for every 50 kg of green material. Drifting time is usually 12 hours, with bamboo raft pressed into lime water to prevent floating, so that the billet ash soot.

The water float will put the billet into the water tank, flush it several times, flush the gray stain and ash juice, and then clear and float for 48 hours, change the water for 6 times and float the ash juice.

Fill the hot pot with water, heat and boil, put the billet in boiling water pot, wait until the water rises to the boiling point again, the billet flips, then remove and float.

The boiled and boiled raw material was floated in a clear water tank for 6 hours, during which time the water was changed 1 times and thereafter the sugar was stained.

Tincture syrup to 35 kg in water pot. After boiling, slowly add 45 kg of sugar, stir while stirring, then add 0.1% citric acid until the addition is complete, boil twice to stop the fire. . After boiling, egg white or soy milk can be used to remove the impurities, and then filtered with 4 layers of gauze, to obtain a syrup with a concentration of 35 bcm, which is added to the pan at 104°C. . The amount of syrup should be more, and it is better to move the blank in the cylinder.

The pot is also called cooking honey. The syrup and the billet were incorporated into the pot, and the medium was used to boil the sugar liquid to a temperature of 109°C (the sugar concentration was 40 Baume). Because it is a semi-finished product, the pickling time can be as long as 1 year. If it is in urgent need of food, it must be marinated for at least 24 hours. If the candied fruit in the tank is not used up for a while, it can still be preserved.

The lifting is also called honey. Concentrate the fresh syrup with a concentration of 35 Baume to boil at a temperature of 114°C so that the concentration reaches 55 Baume, and then cook the billet into the pot until the loaf eats the translucent liquid, a slight sense of transparency, and the temperature of the syrup. When about 114 °C into the large basin (the icing equipment). When the billet is cooled to 50-60°C, the white sugar powder is uniformly mixed with sugar and is finished.

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