Mushroom autumn mushroom management

1, pull the temperature difference between day and night. The high temperature during the day and the cover film can make the temperature inside the mushroom higher than the outside of the film by 2~3°C. After 10 o'clock in the evening, the film is opened, and the temperature drops rapidly.

2, control mushroom field humidity. After the color is changed, the relative humidity of the mushroom is maintained at about 85% in the early stage. With the large number of mushroom buds differentiated from the mushroom cap and mushroom stem, the relative humidity in the space is reduced to about 80%.

3, suitable for creating wet and dry. During the early period of autumn mushroom, the internal water content of the mushroom tube is relatively sufficient, and it can fully meet the needs of the growth of the first batch of mushroom fruit bodies, without immersing water in the mushroom. After the first batch of mushrooms were harvested, the water spray was stopped, the membrane was ventilated, the surface of the fungus tube was dried for 1 to 3 days, and then the film was covered to increase the temperature of the tuber and promote the growth of mycelia. After 2 to 3 days, the mushrooms left after harvest will grow whitish mycelium. At this time, we spray water to humidify the membrane and ventilate it to encourage the next batch of mushrooms to grow.

4, ensure ventilation, reduce malformed mushrooms. The temperature is above 23°C. Every morning, evening and evening, the temperature is 18~23°C. The ventilation is once every morning and evening. The temperature is below 17°C, and it can be ventilated once a day.

5, to prevent bacterial infection, extend the life of the fungus tube.

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