How can a young lady prevent breast cancer?

Moderator: Now that the incidence of breast cancer is getting younger and younger, what are the recommendations for the current young woman as an expert in breast cancer treatment?

Xu Binghe: In foreign countries, the peak incidence of breast cancer is seen in postmenopausal women. Our country's premenopausal breast cancer is more common. More than 60% of breast cancer patients admitted to our hospital are premenopausal patients, and are more common in women aged 40 to 50 years.

Since there are more cases of breast cancer in young women in China, we recommend:

First, young women should maintain a healthy lifestyle, including a healthy diet, a more optimistic spirit, and artificial feeding of women with children. A healthy lifestyle is very important to prevent breast cancer.

Second, do regular health checks. The health check includes a self-examination of the self breast and an inspection of the hospital, including the doctor's experience and related auxiliary examinations such as the examination of a molybdenum target and a B-ultrasound. This is very helpful for the prevention and early detection and early treatment of breast cancer.

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