Eat cabbage can be good for the spleen and stomach to relieve pain

Although cabbage is a common home cooking, its nutritional and medicinal value is high. Chinese medicine believes that it is cool and sweet, and it has the function of strengthening the spleen and stomach, and relieves pain.

Among the best vegetables recommended by the World Health Organization, cabbage ranks third, especially in protecting the stomach and intestines. Modern studies have found that cabbage is rich in vitamin K to prevent bleeding, vitamin U can effectively treat the wounded mucosa. Cabbage is rich in digestive enzymes. Among them, the content of amylase that promotes carbohydrate digestion is higher than that in radish, and it is also rich in enzymes that help protein breakdown. The fresh juice of cabbage can cure gastric and duodenal ulcers, relieve pain and promote wound healing, and has been extracted to make medicines for preventing stomach diseases.

How to maximize the effectiveness of cabbage to protect the stomach? The disadvantage of cabbage is that nutrition is easily destroyed by heat, so it is suitable for making salads or juices; people with weak stomach or weak stomach can eat it again. Cabbage can also be used as a soup. In the process of cooking cabbage soup, 80% of the active ingredients will dissolve into the soup and drink plenty of nutritious soup to consume a large amount of vitamin U. The taste of broth made of cabbage is not very good, and it is more suitable for soup sauce or stew.

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